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Best Digital Marketing Tools

Best Digital Marketing Tools You Should Use 


The digital marketing tools you use can have a huge influence on your marketing campaigns. With the right tools, you’re much efficient, you’ll make a heftier profit and keep up a lead beating your competitors. 


In this article, you’ll learn about the best digital marketing tools you should use. If you want success with your online marketing campaigns.   


Including the best content creation tools to search engine marketing tools, social media marketing tools to best analytics tools. So, stick to the end of this post to see what digital marketing tools you should use. 


Best Digital Marketing Tools 


Here’s the list of the 12 best digital marketing tools for you. 


  1. Google Analytics 



 Google Analytics is the treasure house for website analytics. It’s challenging to operate and measure your success on the web if you don't know Google Analytics. It helps you get a deeper understanding of your audience and customers. Also gives you the free tools you need to analyze your web data for your business in one place. 


GA lets you understand your site and app users to better assess the performance of your marketing, content, products, and more. It is built to work with Google’s advertising and publisher products so you can use your analytics insights to reach the right customers. 


2. Google Search Console 




Google Search Console is a free service offered by Google that helps you monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot your website's presence in Google Search results. You don't have to sign up for Search Console to be in Google Search results, but Search Console helps you understand and improve how Google sees your site. 


From confirming that Google can find and crawl your site, to fix indexing problems and request re-indexing of new or updated content. Search console is a must use online marketing tools you should be using. It will show traffic data for your site such as how often your site appears in Google Search, which search queries show your site, click-through rates, and more. 


3. Google Ads 




Google ads is a great online marketing tool that helps you grow your business with paid ads. Google ads allow you to get in front of customers when they’re searching for businesses like yours on Google Search and Maps. Also popular as PPC ads, here you only pay for results, like clicks to your website or other actions.   


Google ads can help you grow online sales, bookings, or mailing list signups with online ads that direct people to your website. It will not only increase customer calls with ads featuring your phone number and a click-to-call button. You can also get more customers in the door with business ads that help people find your company on the map. 


4. SEMrush 




Although SEMrush is only considered as a top SEO tool. It is also one of the best and all-in-one tool suites for improving your online visibility and learning marketing insights. The tools and reports are able to help you that work in the wide-ranging digital marketing campaigns. Including SEO, keyword research, PPC, SMM, competitive research, content marketing, marketing insights, campaign management, and PR. 


SEMrush features over 40 tools and reports to find the best solution to your almost all search engine and digital marketing challenges. Apart from SEO, you can also streamline your social media marketing with its publishing, monitoring, and ads management tool. 


5. MailChimp 




MailChimp is a popular email marketing tool and one of the best digital marketing tools designed to automate and plan your outreach campaigns. With Mailchimp, you can send newsletters and automated emails to your customers. You can build your email list with subscription forms or import your owned contacts. Mailchimp offers pre-designed email templates and a drag and drops email builder.  


Mailchimp also has built-in email analytics and is a pretty powerful marketing tool for any email marketing campaign. Although Mailchimp started and is popular as an email marketing platform, today it is an all-in-one online marketing tool. 


6. HubSpot