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What Is Content Marketing?

 What Is Content Marketing? 



While businesses have relied on traditional marketing strategies for decades. With the rise of the internet & online marketing, businesses are more taking effort into Content marketing. 


But still many people are wondering. If you’re a business owner or a website owner. Or someone new to digital marketing and SEO, & wondering what is content marketing. 


In this article you’ll learn everything about what is content marketing, why is content marketing important. Also, some different types of content marketing, and content marketing strategies. 


What is Content Marketing? 


Content marketing is a form of marketing that involves creating, and giving out valuable content for your ideal targeted audience online. It is often used by businesses to attract target customers, engage with them, and generate leads and sales. 


Content marketing draws your ideal customers and converts them into buyers by creating and sharing valuable free content. It helps businesses build brand loyalty by providing free valuable info to the audience. 


It creates an eagerness inside customer and motivates to buy products from the business. Content marketing does not push audiences to buy or involve direct sales. Rather, it builds trust and relationship with your audience. 


The key idea of content marketing is that a brand must offer something valuable to the audience to get value in return. Instead of showing commercials, and banner ads. 


It also allows brands to grow their visibility in organic search as it centers on sharing knowledge and expertise. With SEO and content as key elements, content marketing is furthermore linked with customer’s necessities. 


Content marketing includes things like educational blogs, articles, e-books, images, videos, infographics, and webinars. That answer particular questions your audience have and offer them the value they can’t get somewhere else. 


Now you have a fine understanding of what is content marketing. Let’s look at why is it important. 


Why is Content Marketing Important? 




Content marketing is vital for any business’s online success. In fact, statistics show that more than 91% of B2B marketers & 86% of B2C marketers use content marketing as a key strategy to reach customers. 


Content marketing as a marketing strategy can be very useful to educate your ideal audience and make them get excited about your brand. It also helps you build relationships and engage with your existing customers. 


Here are some key aspects of why content marketing is important: 


  • It educates your potential & existing customers about the products and services your business offer. 
  • Show your audience how your products and services solve their problems. 
  • Higher search engine rankings. 
  • Boost leads, sales & conversions. 
  • Decrease marketing and sales operating costs, and also a low barrier to entry. 
  • Create a community around your brand. 
  • Improve brand authority, loyalty, builds strong relationships between your customers and your business. 


Content marketing is an accessible tactic to attract more audience and potential customers to your website. You can create content that targets customers in any phase of their buying journey. 


Supposing that the content is well optimized and offers what the audience is looking for. It will carry on to draw in more potential customers long after its creation. 


Types of Content Marketing 




Now you learned what content marketing is and why is it important. Let me show you some different types of content marketing. 


1. Blog Content Marketing 


Blogging is one of the most influential types of content marketing. It opens up so many opportunities for brands to educate customers and promote your products or services. 


Blogging will drive organic traffic as useful content will give people a reason to visit your site. Blogging well establish brand authority as it improves your overall SEO and search rankings. 


Most of the popular brands have their blog that shares industry-relevant news, information, recommendation, tips, and advice. For almost all these brands, blogging is the number one source of organic traffic as well as new leads and audiences. 


2. Social Media Content Marketing 


Social media is another top content marketing form brands are using today. With more than 3.6 billion active social media users worldwide.  More businesses are investing in and promoting their business with social media. 


An effective social content marketing involves sharing valuable content & engaging with the audience on top social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and more. 


Instead of going after every social media platform out there. You should focus on some specific platforms that are relevant to your business. 


3. Infographic Content marketing 


In a simple word, an Infographic is the visual representation of data or information. It is a set of images, charts, and texts that presents an easy-to-understand overview of a topic. 


Infographics are a blessing for businesses and marketers who want to combine effective communication and design into their visual content marketing strategy. Infographics are a great way to efficiently communicate, educate, show data, and tell stories with your content. 


Anybody can put together some stock images into their blog and social media posts. But creating infographics that look appealing and provide valuable research or data can lift your content marketing to a whole different level. 


4. Video Content Marketing 


Video marketing is using videos to promote and market your brand, product, or service to engage and educate your customers or audiences on your online marketing channels. 


The popular video marketing channels include YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, IG TV, and more. 


Incorporating videos in content marketing rise up to the top of most businesses marketing tactic list. These past recent years transformed videos from an individual marketing approach to an entire marketing strategy. 


In fact, research showed more than half of total customers want to see videos from brands more than any other type of content. Your brand can no longer ignore the growing popularity of video content. 


5. Podcast Content Marketing 


A podcast is a form of audio broadcasting on the web. It’s a content medium that doesn’t need all your target audience’s attention like a video or a blog post. 


Podcasts are probably the latest among all content marketing techniques and its popularity is only growing. It allows for many creatures as they can be about any popular topics under the sun. 


A survey in 2020 found that more than 37% of U.S. adults listened to a podcast. As it's growing popularity, many brands have started creating and sharing their own podcasts. The most popular types of podcasts are interview podcast, solo podcast, and multi-host podcast. 


Now you learned about the basics of content marketing including the most popular types of content marketing. And if you’re wondering how to create your content marketing strategy. I’ll show you.   


How to create Content Marketing Strategy? 




You may already aware that an effective content marketing strategy is a must for any successful digital marketing campaign. Without your content strategy, you don’t have a path to follow or any way to measure if it’s working. 


By implementing an efficient content marketing strategy, your content marketing efforts will be impressive and helpful in converting leads to customers and reaching your target audience. 


Creating a content strategy that relevant to your business and target audience is very essential. This is how you stay true to your brand as well as the audience and make marketing materials as effective as you can. 


Now let’s look at some of the key steps you’ll need to follow along while creating your content marketing strategy. 


1. Setting a clear goal 


This is the first step where you define your mission, purpose, and goals. It’s where you figure out who is your audience, what challenges them and motivates them, and what do you want to achieve by this content strategy. 


Your goals can be to improve brand awareness & loyalty, boost conversions & revenue, grow audience engagement & trust, and more. 


2. Picking the right types of content for your audience 


After you set a clear goal for your content marketing. It’s time to decide the type of content you’ll create and distribute. Your understanding of your audience, buyer persona & how well you know them will have a greater influence in the following steps. 


Here you’ll need to determine what content formats are the best based on audience preferences. Whether your target audience to read articles, watch videos, share social posts or industry-relevant memes, infographics, or they like podcasts. 


3. Choosing your content marketing platforms 


After deciding the types of content you’ll promote. You’ll choose the specific online marketing platforms best suited for your content. It is best to select a few industry-relevant marketing channels instead of trying to make it into every platform out there. For some of the content marketing strategies, some channel you work with will be obvious. For example, blogging, video, and a few popular social media. 


4. Creating, publishing & promoting the content 


Creating, publishing, and promoting your content so your audience can consume it, and maybe convert as a paying customer. Planning and using a content calendar help ensure that you’re consistent with creating content and sharing it among your audience. 


5. Analyzing the results and adapting 


Along the way of your content marketing strategy. You should analyze and measure your results so you can find valuable insights, adapt, and make changes to enrich your content marketing efforts and reach more audiences. 




I hope you find this article helpful and you learned all the basics of content marketing, it’s importance, types, and how to create a content marketing strategy. Share this article or comment on your thoughts on content marketing. Also, don’t forget to check out our other articles related to digital marketing & SEO. 

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