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 What Is Email Marketing? 


Email and email marketing have been around since the internet begins. Email marketing the most direct and effective way of connecting with your leads nurturing them, and turning them into customers. It is also the most underrated online marketing strategy but every time leaves all other marketing channels behind. 



Email marketing is more than only spamming people’s inboxes. It can be a great tool to build relationships and grow profit for your brand. You should use email to build a strong relationship with your subscribers and leads by offering relevant, valuable information. That will help them to take action and make that purchase. 


So, whether you’re a business owner, online marketer, or someone new to email marketing. In this article, you’ll learn everything about email marketing. Also, how it works and why is email marketing important for your business. 


What Is Email Marketing? 


Email marketing is a powerful way of digital marketing that uses email to promote your business’s products or services. It helps make your customers aware of your latest offers and promotions by integrating it into your marketing automation efforts.  


Email marketing will also play a crucial role in your online marketing strategy.  From brand awareness, lead generation, to building relationships and keeping engagement with the customers between purchases through various kinds of marketing emails. 


You can take it as email marketing, anytime a business sends out an email. (apart from order confirmations and direct responses to customer queries) Email marketing is an integral part of digital marketing, which involves various other online marketing channels like, search engines, social media, blogs, paid ads, and more. 


Almost all email marketing includes newsletters with updates on the business, exclusive content, and offers for subscribers with some sales promotions. You can also use it to share a general message or notice on the business's behalf. 


On the whole, email marketing allows you to keep your customers informed and personalize your promotions and marketing messages to their audience. 


Now that you have a basic understanding of email marketing. Let’s look at how it works. 


How Does Email Marketing Works? 




Businesses use an Email Service Provider (ESP) to send marketing emails. An Email Service Provider is a software that sends and manages your email marketing campaigns. Generally known as an email marketing software, email marketing tool, or email marketing platform. 


Now if you’re wondering, why can’t I just send marketing emails with my regular inbox provider? Why should I pay for any new email marketing platform? (ISPs) Internet Service Providers like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc. are for personal use, not for email blasts. So, whenever a bulk email is sent from an ISP, it’s flagged by spam filters and your email account can be disabled for suspicious activity. 


But, email marketing platforms are built with and have all the necessary setup for mass emails while ensuring email deliverability. It’s essential to get yourself a dedicated email marketing service. If you want to set yourself up for email marketing success from the start. 


It's also easy to set up, manage, and track email marketing campaigns, which makes it accessible for all sized businesses. For example, you can add a newsletter sign up to your website. As more people sign up, you can send newsletters to a growing audience. You can also direct customers to the newsletter from your social media channels. 


A regular newsletter is a simple and efficient way to send updates about your business, special offers, and upcoming events. Email marketing tools also makes it very easy to plan and schedule automated promotional emails for your customers. 


Before moving forward, let’s look at some types of marketing emails. 


Automated emails 


An automated email includes welcome emails sent to new newsletter signup or any other personalized emails based on customer behavior or existing data. These emails can save you a lot of time and do a great job of growing customer relationships. 


The best thing about automated emails is that nobody has to be physically present to hit ‘send’ or do it manually. This event could be a newsletter signup, a birthday, or an abandoned cart on your website. There are lots of email automation possibilities. 


Promotional emails 


As the name suggests, promotional emails are sent out whenever a business requires. Newsletters deliver the news and promotions relevant to your business or your products or services. It’s a way of hanging around your audience’s minds and inspiring them to further engage and sell. 


Promotional email campaigns are more centered on sales and marketing. Usually, a campaign consists of several emails sent over several days or weeks to your contacts. Promotional emails have a clear call-to-action. These emails are sent with a certain goal in mind, like to promote special offers, encourage the buying of your product, or sign up for a webinar, and more. 


Now that you have learned how email marketing works. Let’s dive deep into why is email marketing important for your business. 


Why Is Email Marketing Important For Businesses? 




Statistics show that there are 3.8 billion email users worldwide. So, email can be the perfect place to find customers if you’re looking for a way to reach them. Email marketing is very crucial for businesses because it forces users to take some kind of action.  


An email will sit in the inbox until it’s read, deleted, or archived. But email is also one of the most cost-effective tools available, too. In fact, for every $1 spent, email marketing has an average return on investment (ROI) of $38. 


Email marketing can help you build a relationship with your audience while driving traffic to your blog, site, social media, or anywhere you like.  


You can even segment your emails and target users by demographic so you’re only sending people the messages they would like. Another research found that two-thirds of customers have made a purchase as a direct result of an email marketing message. 


Email marketing also allows you to run A/B tests of a subject line or call to action to identify the best performing message. And when it comes to customer acquisition, email is 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter combined. 


Most important than everything else, the best reason to use email marketing is that you own the channel. Think this way, social media could disappear someday and take all your followers with it, leaving you with nothing. But the beauty of an email list is that it’s your own. There is no external entity that can control how, when, or why you reach out to your subscribers. 


Emails are an important aspect of the growth and management of your business, from order confirmations, newsletters to promotion. Here are the top key benefits of email marketing for your business. 


  1. Increase brand awareness 


Email is the best one-to-one communication channel and it lets you reach anyone straightaway. In fact, all consumers check their email on a daily basis. And more to the point, people don’t just let anyone into their inbox these days. It’s a curated space reserved for favorite brands and publications. 


Showing up in someone’s email inbox will help your brand stay top of mind. A personalized marketing email is more impactful than a social media post where you can’t be sure if someone has actually seen your message. Email marketing is also easily scalable as you can send a large number of recipients for a comparatively low cost.  



  1. Boosts Conversion 


You can send an email marketing campaign to your subscribers to drive sales. Whether you are launching a sale or promotion. As you already know about the ROI from email marketing. People who buy products marketed through email also spend 138% more than those who do not receive email offers.  


Other email marketing techniques known to increase conversion rates include abandoned cart emails. (triggered whenever a visitor abandons a cart at your online store). Also emailing a discount or special offer to your subscribers. (birthday/anniversary emails, welcome emails, re-engagement emails, etc.) 



  1. Loyal customers and improved brand loyalty 


Email marketing is a powerful tool for building a community around your brand. It drives customer loyalty at every stage of the buyer journey. From lead-nurturing, conversion, onboarding, to retention. You can create your newsletter content so good that subscribers will be waiting for it to arrive each week. 


For example, a brief welcome email builds brand awareness by giving you a chance to showcase your brand at its best to your subscribers. You can take this opportunity to highlight how your content will help new subscribers do their lives and jobs better. Solve their problems and how you can make them feel worthy about being part of your community. 




I hope you found this article helpful and learned everything about email marketing. I hope you now also understand how email marketing works and why it’s important for businesses. Comment down your thoughts on email marketing and feel free to check out our other blogs related to online marketing. 

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