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What Is Digital Marketing?

 What Is Digital Marketing? 



With more than 4.5 billion active internet users worldwide. You may already know how huge digital marketing has become. As the internet becomes more accessible to almost every corner of the world. This number is increasing every year. 


Over the past 2 decades, the internet and digital marketing have changed the way how businesses reach their customers. Including how people buy and connect with their favorite brands. 


So, whether you’re a noob marketer, business owner, or someone trying to make money online. In this article, you’ll learn everything about digital marketing & how it works. How it’s different from traditional marketing and all the benefits of digital marketing. 


What Is Digital Marketing? 


Digital marketing is using internet-based platforms like search engines, social media & other digital platforms to reach your customers. It is using the internet to attract & get in front of your customers. 


Digital marketing includes the use of various digital strategies and channels to connect with the customers, where they spend most of their time, online. From the business, a website to search engine marketing, search engine optimization, social media marketing, email marketing to content marketing, and more. 


Although digital billboards, TV & radio are also often considered as a form of digital marketing. This article will be focusing only on online marketing or internet marketing. 


Digital marketing was introduced back in the 90s and started getting popular 2000s. As the internet and digital platforms started to boom, and more and more people started using the internet. It changed the way of marketing and how businesses use technology for marketing. 


Today, digital marketing is fundamental for almost every business and brand awareness. Every other business has a website, if they don't, they at least have a business listing or a social media presence. Digital content has become so usual that customers now expect and trust it as a system to connect and learn about businesses. 


Digital marketing is how companies today promote goods & services to their customers. Customers totally depend on digital means to research products. In fact, Google’s marketing insights found that almost 50% of users research and inquiries about search engines before making their purchase. 


How Digital Marketing Works? 


Now that you have a basic understanding of digital marketing. Let me show you how it works and some of the major components. 




1. Website Marketing 


Although website marketing isn’t a marketing term by itself. Your website is the core of all your digital marketing promotions. 


Your website is the home or centerpiece of all your digital marketing efforts. An efficient website is a very powerful channel by itself. But it’s also lead & support other online marketing campaigns. 


Your website should also well represent your brand, service, or product in a prominent way. It should be fast, mobile-responsive, and easy for your customers to use and offer high-quality content. With the ultimate goal of getting more traffic, leads, and sales for business from your website. 


Your website is the key to a successful digital marketing strategy because all your other digital marketing components direct the audience to your website, to convert them as customers. 


2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 




SEO is the process of optimizing your website’s content and its technical parts to rank higher on the search results page. All to get more consistent organic (free) search traffic to your site. 


Unlike paid ads, SEO helps you rank your website’s pages or blog posts organically on search results. You don’t have to pay for every click, but getting a page to rank with SEO usually takes some time and work. 


Search Engine Optimization consists of these three major tactics: 


  • On-Page SEO 


On-page SEO (On-site SEO) is the process of optimizing your website’s content for search engines and users. It includes optimizing title tags, meta tags, content, internal links, and more 


  • Technical SEO 


Technical SEO is the process of improving the technical parts of your website to make the website faster, easier to understand and crawl for search engines. 


  • Off-Page SEO 


Off-page SEO involves optimization done outside of your website to increase the website’s search engine rankings. It building backlinks, increasing shares, and engagement on social media, and more. 


3. Content Marketing 




Content marketing involves the creation and promotion of content like blogs, videos, and social media posts to educate and attract ideal customers rather than pitching products or services. 


Content marketing attracts ideal potential customers and helps convert them into customers by creating and sharing valuable free content. It does not involve direct sales. Rather, it builds trust and relationship with the audience. 


Here are some of the best performing content marketing strategy channels: 


  • Blog Posts & Articles 

  • Video Marketing 

  • E-books & Reports 

  • Social Media Posts 

  • Infographics 


4. Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising 


Pay Per Click (PPC) also known as Search engine marketing is a form of paid internet marketing where you pay each time your ad is clicked. The PPC ads method allows advertisers to run ads on an advertising platform and pay the platform every time the ads get clicked. 


In a PPC ad, you agree only to pay for qualifying clicks to your intended site based on a specified per-click rate. PPC is also one of the most popular and powerful ways of paid digital marketing. 


You can run PPC ad campaigns on Google, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Pinterest and show ads to people searching for specific terms related to your products or services. 


PPC campaigns can target users based on their demographics, age, gender, and their particular interests or location. Google Ads and Facebook Ads are the most popular PPC ad platforms. 


5. Social Media Marketing 




Social media marketing is using social media channels to connect with your audience to generate leads, sales, and drive website traffic and grow your brand. 


Social media is huge and social media marketing is the best way to reach millions of your ideal audience. In 2020, more than 3.6 billion people are using social media worldwide. This number expected to touch almost 4.41 billion by 2025. 


Social media marketing includes creating and publishing awesome content on your social media profiles, engaging with followers, running paid social media ads, and analyzing your results. 


The major goal of social media marketing is building brand awareness and social trust. As you grow on social media, you can also use it to get leads or as a direct sales channel. 


The major social media platforms you can use for your social media marketing are: 


  • Facebook 

  • Instagram 

  • LinkedIn 

  • YouTube  

  • Twitter  

  • Pinterest 

  • Snapchat 


6. Email Marketing