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9 Digital Marketing Trends You Should Know In 2021

 9 Digital Marketing Trends You Should Know In 2021 


Digital marketing is always changing. Marketers must adjust to these changes and reach their target audience. In this post, you can read nine digital marketing in 2021 every digital marketer needs to know. These trends already work today, but we expect rapid growth in the next year. You don't have to apply everything to your business but can consider them as ideas for improvements. 


1. Voice Search 


There is an increasing number of people that use smartphones. These devices allow people to perform voice searches on Google and other search engines. It is quite easy to pick up your smartphone and ask a question on Google when you are on your computer. 


According to Google, 20% of all mobile searches are from the voice search feature. It is a big percentage that will keep growing in 2021 and the next years. 


If you are interested in getting organic traffic for your business, you should optimize your website for voice search. It requires a great mobile version of the website because most voice searches are from mobile. Next, you can consider that voice search keywords have differences from the common keywords. When people tell Google to find something, they tend to ask completed questions instead of simple phrases that they type from their laptops. 


Many users activate voice search when they want instructions, products, and services. You can use terms that include the keywords "product + near me" or "product + now" for local SEO. These keywords have a high buying intention because the user will visit a store in the next hours. 


2. Interactive Content 


Interactive content can be any content that motivates the user to take action. In interactive posts and videos, the user can't go through the page without choosing an option or select something. The goal that we can achieve with this type of content is to engage the target audience. 


There are multiple benefits to this process. The users feel that they participate in a post or a video, so they are more interested in reading the content. At the same time, they have more chances to keep taking action and join an email list or purchase a product later. Most digital marketers that use interactive content in their campaigns say that it separates them from the competition. 


For a few interactive content examples, you can use quizzes, widgets, games, interactive videos, ebooks, graphs and charts, maps, and anything else that requires user engagement. 


3. Chatbots 


Many websites add chatbots to help visitors to find what they want. They can work both as guides on a website or a way to get leads for your business. Chatbots are not new, but they are more practical these days than a few years ago. So, more companies will use them in 2021. 


One of the main benefits is that they offer a personalized experience to the users. They can ask questions and get instructions based on their needs. Usually, users ask these questions to the support of the company. You can save this extra work when the chatbot answers automatically. 


When you use chatbots for marketing, they promote your offers and products. The user can see a notification from the chatbot, and when they open it, the chatbot sends them an offer. 


Lastly, it can work with other marketing methods. You can still use email forms, popups, calls-to-action, and anything else you need for your business. Chatbots do not interrupt these marketing methods and do not harm the user experience.  


4. More Featured Snippets 


Featured snippets are boxes that we can see on Google's search page with paragraphs, lists, and tables. Google keeps expanding this feature, while most websites have not adjusted their SEO strategy yet. 


Many digital marketers with a focus on SEO are not fans of featured snippets because they answer the keyword on the search page, so many users don't have a reason to visit the organic search results. So, many websites lose traffic. 


However, you can get the biggest part of the traffic from specific keywords when your site is on the featured snippets. This is why many websites will target this feature in 2021.  


The easiest way to get ranked on the featured snippets is to give them what they want. If they show the list of a competitor, you can create a better and bigger list. If you target a question, you must create a better answer. Of course, it will be harder to get on the featured snippets than getting on the first page of Google because there is room for only one website. 


5. Grow A Following On TikTok 


Digital marketers must reach their audience and must go where their target audience is. These days we have seen a lot of users and engagement on TikTok. It is a platform with short and fun videos. Instagram has also created Reels that is a feature to create similar short videos. 


TikTok will keep growing in the future, and there is a lot of room for digital marketers. Most creators and professional marketers did not know how to monetize these short videos, so they didn't create accounts on this social network early.  


However, it expands the advertising and publishing options today. Digital marketers will discover many opportunities in 2021 and beyond. If you create an account for your business and create quality videos, you will get an advantage over competitors that will start on TikTok later. 


6. Google Verified Listings For Local Businesses 


If you have a small business that sells products in a local market, Google's local searches can bring more leads and customers. It has created Google My Business that is a tool to add details of your business and get more exposure in search engines. 


Google My Business will allow you to create a listing for your business. You must fill in some details like a business name, address, phone number, images, links, reviews from users, and anything relevant you want. When you fill in your details and verify that you are the business owner, it will use these details to rank you on relevant keywords and show you on Google Maps. 


While registering on Google My Business is a simple process, many local businesses still don't take advantage of this tool. It is important to create your listing and optimize it as soon as you can. In 2021, many more businesses will understand the value of organic traffic. 


7. Advertising On Messaging Apps 


When we talk about messaging apps, most people think of the Messenger of Facebook. It is the most popular messaging app, but there are many other alternatives like Snapchat, WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, etc.  


Many companies discover this type of ads and invest money in them these days. They have high open rates, high conversion rates, and are inexpensive because they don't have enough competition yet.  


Most users don't expect spam from messaging apps and will open most conversations. Many digital marketers compare the high open rates of messaging apps with the early days of email marketing.  


We can expect that the next year more people will use messaging ads, and this trend will keep growing for years. If you are interested in Messenger Ads, you can start with Facebook Ads. It does not require a bigger budget than other types of advertising to create your first campaigns. 


8. Automated and Smart Bidding Options On Google Ads 


The biggest PPC advertising program is Google Ads. In previous years, most people knew it as Google Adwords. When it changed the name in Google Ads, many other updates improved the program and the bidding options. 


Instead of the standard manual CPC (cost per click) bids, you have many automated and smart bidding options. You can set a goal for your campaigns, and Google Ads will find ways to reach that goal for you. 


For example, if your goal is to maximize clicks, Google Ads will optimize your bids and placements to get as many clicks as possible with your budget. Many digital marketers are familiar with Google Ads, but most of them have not practiced the new bidding options.  


9. New Opportunities For Influencer Marketing  


The new social networks have created many new influencers in the last few years. Also, becoming an influencer is a dream for many teens and young adults these days. Many people are willing to grow an audience in different niches and work with brands or sponsored posts instead of creating their own products. 


This trend creates opportunities for digital marketers that want to advertise their products and services. Influencer marketing is more effective these days when you research to find influencers with an engaging audience in your niche. You can also focus on micro-influencers with a small but more targetted audience. 




These were nine key digital marketing trends that will need to consider in 2021. They can help your business to go to the next level and improve specific parts of your marketing. In some cases, you will be ahead of most competitors if you apply them in your strategy. 


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